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White Collar Crimes

Oklahoma City White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

The pressure of facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, particularly if you have never faced such charges before. Criminal charges are particularly difficult to understand if, as in many cases, you were just performing your job the way it had always been done, as is often the case when Medicaid fraud charges are involved.OKC White Collar

As an award-winning, experienced criminal defense attorney, Jacquelyn Ford has successfully defended our clients from the most highly pressured criminal charges allowed, including murder charges. She understands how to help our clients by alleviating the pressures that they are facing and by working to present focused, well-prepared cases on their behalf.

Edmond Embezzlement Lawyer

Attorney Jacquelyn Ford has been recognized by her peers in the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association who awarded her their prestigious Clarence Darrow Award for her work as an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. She is a lawyer who understands how to defend a client with a focused aggression, not just an unfocused anger.

As a result, our firm has successfully defended clients in a number of different money-related matters. We have worked with clients facing criminal charges for embezzlement, larceny, workers’ compensation fraud and Medicaid fraud. In all of these matters, we apply diligent investigation practices. In doing so, we build a case that allows us to challenge the prosecution at every step of the way, many times preventing the case from ever reaching court at all or even resolving the matter outside of court.

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