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Lewd Acts With A Child

Oklahoma City Child Sex Crime Attorney

If you face charges of child molestation, it can feel like the police, the public and prosecutors have already passed judgment and deemed you guilty without due process. While lewd acts with a child are charges that must be taken seriously by the district attorneys, it doesn’t mean that you are without legal rights. Whether there has been a grave misunderstanding or if you have made a terrible mistake, you still deserve a fair criminal defense.

What Do The Charges Mean?

At Jacquelyn Ford Law, P.C., we have been defending individuals against serious criminal charges for a long time. Attorney Ford is highly respected for her defense work in highly complex matters, including those involving sex crimes.

We know it can be difficult to understand the charges against you. A lewd act with a child is loosely defined as any behavior that is intended to induce your own sexual arousal. This can include:

  • Exposing your private parts to a child
  • Touching your private parts in front of a child
  • Forcing a child to view pornography
  • Forcing a child to touch his or her own private parts
  • Inappropriate massages or touching a child in a sexual manner
  • Asking a child to watch you or others engage in a sexual act
  • Asking a child to engage in a sexual act

You Have Options

When you work with our law firm, we understand what is at stake. If convicted on charges of lewd acts with a child, you will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence. You will also have to register as a sex offender. While you may feel like a plea will spare you the publicity of a trial, we want you to know that we can fight at any level to protect your future. Having handled a significant number of sex crimes cases in the past, we can advise you on the risks and rewards of negotiating with the prosecutors versus taking your matter to trial.

Timing Is Important. Contact Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Right Away.

The sooner you contact our law firm, the sooner we can get started on your defense. Our Oklahoma City child sex crime attorney provides respectful representation to all clients. We aren’t here to judge, we are here to defend and protect you. Call us at 405-604-3200.

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