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Internet Sex Crimes

OKC Internet Sex Crime Lawyer

In the past decade, law enforcement has ramped up its efforts to catch individuals it suspects of Internet sex crimes. Police take these matters very seriously and use a variety of tactics to collect evidence and make the arrest. Once charges have been filed, prosecutors are eager to seek maximum punishment.

As someone who has been charged with an Internet sex crime, the cards can feel unfairly stacked against you. Maybe you were wrongly accused. Maybe there is much more to the story than police are willing to hear. Maybe you have a problem, but that doesn’t mean police are allowed to violate your rights when collecting evidence. Regardless of the specifics in your case, one thing remains the same — you need an experienced criminal defender. You need someone who provides an aggressive defense aimed at protecting your legal rights. You need a lawyer who will offer respectful representation and one who will not judge you as a person.

Experienced Representation Protecting Your Legal Rights

For many years, individuals accused of criminal sexual offenses have trusted Jacquelyn Ford Law, P.C., with their matters. Ms. Ford has handled a significant number of sex crimes cases and is widely known for her positive results in complex criminal matters. Our law firm is equipped to handle any type of criminal charge associated with Internet sex crimes, including those involving:

  • Sexual solicitation of a minor child online
  • Meeting an underage child you have met online
  • Uploading child pornography online
  • Visiting child pornography websites
  • Participating in child pornography chat rooms

Depending on the nature of your alleged crime, you could find yourself facing state or federal charges. Ms. Ford has extensive experience in both types of cases. She is also one of the few attorneys who regularly try cases in state and federal courts. While a plea bargain may be a viable option in your matter, trial is always a possibility. That’s why it is essential to hire a trial attorney from the very beginning.

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