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Robberies And Burglaries

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What Is The Difference Between Robbery And Burglary

Robbery and burglary are both types of theft crimes; however, each has its own specific definition.

  • Burglary: Burglary is when a person enters onto someone else’s premises with the intent of stealing money or objects. A burglary can be with forcible entry (breaking a window) or non forced entry (going in through an unlocked door).
  • Robbery: Robbery requires an intent to steal someone else’s property and the threat of violence or the actual use of violence. A common example is a gas station holdup.

Each charge will come with different potential punishments. Burglaries can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the specific circumstances involved. Robberies, however, are charged as felonies, due to the threat or use of violence.

Regardless of your specific charges, your future is at stake. You risk jail or prison, extended probation and a permanent record. That is why it is vital to think hard about whom you want to defend you.

It’s More Than A Legal Matter To You. It’s About Your Life.

At Jacquelyn Ford Law, P.C., we defend clients against a wide range of robbery and burglary charges. Ms. Ford has nearly 10 years of legal experience and has quickly become one of the most respected criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City. Her reputation with clients in unprecedented. This is because she truly cares about the lives and welfare of each person she represents. She gets to know their lives, their families and their struggles.

When you work with us, you can expect more than an aggressive criminal defense. We want to help you get to a better place in life. This means we will help you look at the reasons you are facing criminal charges in the first place. If you have a drug problem, we can get you to rehab. If you have gotten involved with the wrong crowd, we can help you identify options for moving your life in a different direction. Good people can make bad decisions, but with our help, you can start making better decisions that will positively impact your future.

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While supportive service is a cornerstone of our practice, Ms. Ford is also extremely skilled at defending clients against criminal charges. She is proactive, aggressive and creative when it comes to helping clients mitigate the consequences of their charges.

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