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Personal Injury

Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have suffered a serious injury in your life, nothing can take that experience away. But what our firm is able to do for you is help you move forward. Very often, moving forward means at least in part that the parties responsible for your injury help you meet the expenses that you must now incur as a result of the injury that they caused you. The person who will simply help you is rare. For all the normal situations in life when you need someone to aggressively pursue the parties responsible for your injury to hold them accountable, you can turn to us for assistance.

Serious Injury Representation

Jacquelyn Ford’s experience as an attorney involves her fighting aggressively for the rights of our clients every day, even when other people may believe our clients do not deserve any rights. We have represented clients in a number of different injury situations, including:

  • Dog mauling
  • Car accidents
  • Work injury
  • Injury as a guest at someone else’s residence

We protect my clients’ rights both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. When the tough work of fighting the insurance company comes into play, we understand the determination and hard-nosed work it will take to get that insurance company to meet any financial obligations to you.

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