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When you are facing federal criminal charges, you need to understand that facing federal charges is very different from facing charges at the state level. The federal criminal system is a far more involved process than the state system with its own set of rules and its own set of laws. Because of these differences, you need an attorney who has been through these processes before, who understands these differences without having to learn them during your case.

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Jacquelyn Ford, the leader of our firm, is an award-winning criminal defense attorney who has been recognized by her peers as an outstanding criminal defense attorney. Her criminal defense experience includes defending clients against an entire range of the most serious charges: murder, sex crimes and crimes against children. She brings this experience to bear in all her cases to provide our firm’s clients with aggressive legal advocacy against the deep resources available to the federal prosecutor involved in your matter.

A federal prosecutor has usually had at least six months to prepare a case against you. For this reason, the evidence that your attorney needs to review is voluminous. You need an attorney who understands how to quickly yet thoroughly make his or her way through a federal case, who knows what to look for and how to look for it. Because of her extensive experience in this area, you know that when Jacquelyn Ford is reviewing a criminal defense file she already knows what she is looking for in order to defend you.

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