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If you are facing DUI charges, you have an urgent need for an attorney. From the date of your arrest, you have 15 days to assert your right to an administrative hearing, and you will lose that right if you wait too long. Furthermore, you face an automatic driver’s license suspension for six months.

If you are like many of our DUI clients, you are currently suffering from humiliation and sheer embarrassment. We assure you: time will heal those wounds. We also promise that we will be by your side at every turn. You will not have to face these difficulties alone.

Our desire is to help you succeed. That is our driving motivation in all of our DUI cases. To that end, we take a proactive approach that is not characteristic of most lawyers’ way of tackling a DUI case.

If you choose to retain Jacquelyn Ford Law, P.C., our award-winning criminal defense attorney will work very closely with you during your DUI case. Our clients’ chances of success rise dramatically if they agree to this approach before they even appear in front of a judge.

Drunk Driving

Before our clients are even put on probation, they already complete all of their probation tasks. We demonstrate to the court, that way, that you are serious about your post-DUI success. In doing so, we give the court good reason to treat you fairly and to treat you well.

Included in these probation-related tasks are several classes that are required by state law. Our clients also undergo a drug and alcohol assessment. In addition, our clients complete any recommended follow-up tasks. The classes involved in DUI school usually entail 10 hours or 24 hours.

This process includes our clients’ attendance at a Victims Impact Panel. The panel involves one hour during which our clients will listen to three different presentations. The speakers are normally people who have been affected, injured or put in prison for drunk driving. The presentation will also involve a review of very emotional pictures related to drunk driving consequences.

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