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Possession With Intent To Distribute

Oklahoma City Drug Distribution Charges Lawyer

The charge of drug possession with intent to distribute hinges on the amount of drugs involved. The logic is that you would not have X number of pills or Y ounces of cocaine for your own personal use. Using this type of evidence, the prosecution will try to prove that you were selling to others. Our job as your defender is to make it difficult for the prosecution to do that.

Its important to remember: these charges are extremely serious, and in extreme cases conviction can result in a life sentence.

Challenging The Prosecution’s Evidence

The prosecution will use any evidence to indicate your intent. If you own a scale, they argue it must be for weighing drugs you intend to sell. Likewise, if you have baggies or twist-ties in your possession, that indicates an intention to parcel out the drugs. Having large amounts of cash on your person or under your control may also result in additional charges of possession of proceeds from sale of drugs.

Your case will be a battle between the prosecution’s theories about your intentions and your attorney’s ability to cast doubt on those theories. We challenge searches when appropriate, so that you are not convicted based on wrongful police process. They must question you in a legal fashion and treat evidence with proper precautions.

Our lawyer, Jacquelyn Ford, is known and respected for her ability to have drug charges dismissed outright. When that result is simply not possible, she is skilled reducing charges of intent to distribute down to simple possession (which does not involve prison, an outcome you can live with).

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