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Marijuana Charges

Oklahoma City Marijuana Defense Lawyer

While views may be changing on marijuana, its uses and if it should be legalized — it is currently still illegal to possess or use marijuana in Oklahoma. And even though some consider marijuana a “soft” drug, lawmakers are still concerned about its illegal use. So if you face criminal marijuana charges, don’t expect the prosecution to go easy on you.

It’s My First Possession Offense And I Don’t Have Any Priors. Do I Still Need A Lawyer?

Even if this is your first offense, you should still have legal representation. Simple possession of marijuana is only charged as a misdemeanor if you do not have any prior criminal offenses. This leads many people in your position to plead guilty and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, taking this route will result in a permanent record and a “strike” against them. If they are ever found to be in possession of marijuana again, they will face felony charges. Understanding this, it may be in your best interest to fight the charges.

If you are in this position, it is time to contact an attorney like Jacquelyn Ford. Ms. Ford has handled criminal drug cases for hundreds of past clients. She is highly skilled in analyzing the evidence in drug cases, and using this information to fight for dropped charges. While there are no guaranteed outcomes, you owe it to yourself to fight the charges — and our law firm can help you do that.

Defense For Marijuana Possession With Intent, Growing And Trafficking

While possession is the most common type of marijuana crime, our law firm is also equipped to defend against charges of:

  • Marijuana possession with intent to distribute (selling or dealing marijuana)
  • Growing marijuana
  • Marijuana trafficking

The seriousness of your charge will depend upon the amount of marijuana in your possession and any additional supporting evidence that you were selling or transporting the drug. The consequences for conviction can also vary greatly depending on the circumstances in your case. But penalties can be very severe — including decades in prison.

Defense in these matters is much more complex than simple possession, so it’s important to work with a law firm like ours that has already handled many similar cases. Ms. Ford has a dedicated focus on drug crimes, including those charged in federal court.

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