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Crimes Against Children

Oklahoma City Violence Against Children Attorney

If you have been charged with child abuse, child neglect or some other crime against children, including sex crimes against children, you need experienced Oklahoma City Crimes Against Children Attorney immediately. Attorney Jacquelyn Ford has built her practice to represent the people facing the most serious criminal charges our society allows. We regularly and successfully defend clients facing murder charges and its accompanying death penalty. We can bring this same level of committed representation to you.

Edmond Child Abuse Attorney

The Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association has recognized the outstanding work of Jacquelyn Ford by awarding her its prestigious Clarence Darrow award. Part of her success stems from the fact that she works closely with all of our clients. She makes the legal success of the client her personal goal.

We want all our clients to understand that criminal charges can be defeated before a case ever reaches a courtroom. We gather the evidence that the state is relying on in its case against you and review it with you to hear your side of the story. We help you build your case in a way that we can tell it persuasively to the court. In doing so, we ensure that your legal rights are observed and the rules of the court are followed.

Part of presenting this case is challenging what parts the state gets to talk about. Our law provides very detailed rules regarding what can and what cannot be used in court to challenge the state’s version of the case. These rules determine what information gathered by the police either directly from you or elsewhere can be used. If the right parts of the state’s version are challenged, we can often get the court to agree that the case is dismissed.

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