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Oklahoma Justice Society

As an attorney, do you ever look at the law and wonder who wrote this? Does it concern you that many of the criminal statutes seem Oklahoma Justice Societyskewed toward law enforcement and prosecution? Well, there is a reason for that.

  • The District Attorneys’ Council and the District Attorneys Association have NINE lobbyists annually working at the State Capitol pushing for changes beneficial to law enforcement and prosecution and detrimental to defendants and your clients. Additionally, Law enforcement is represented by NINE lobbyists at the Capitol. Agencies represented include the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma and Tulsa County Sheriff’s’ Associations, the Oklahoma Police Chiefs Association, the FOP and the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. That’s a total of EIGHTEEN lobbyists working for the interests of law enforcement.
  • There are at least NINE different groups supporting tougher crime measures at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
  • For the 2015-2016 legislative sessions, there will be more than 2,400 bills and resolutions introduced and more than 500 of these will be in areas of the law that could directly impact your clients.

What is the total number of lobbyists representing an agenda that subscribes to the constitutional rights of “a fair trial” and “innocent till proven guilty”? ZERO.

Who’s been regularly tracking legislation to identify new laws and revisions to existing laws to make sure they don’t negatively impact your clients? NO ONE.

Until now.

The Oklahoma Justice Society was formed to provide a legislative advocacy group that defends the rights found in the US Constitution as it relates to arrest, trial and conviction of an individual.

  • OJS has retained the services of a prominent lobbying firm establishing the first legislative presence defending the interests of those accused of committing crimes and the attorneys that represent them.
  • OJS will strive to influence pending legislation by advocating for the interests of our clients. Our overarching goal is to insure any new laws or changes to existing laws provide fairness and equity.
  • OJS will initiate a social media campaign to keep our peers and the public informed on important matters that can impact their daily lives.
  • OJS will work to insure that your voice is not only heard but that your concerns are also understood.


  1. Give a Voice to Your Clients 
  2. Give a Voice to Lawyers
  3. Protect Citizens’ Right to Fair Trial
  4. Level the Playing Field with the Government 
  5. Advocate For Sensible Justice Reform
  6. Support and Ensure a Fair Impartial Judiciary
  7. Educate the Legislature 
  8. Educate the Public
  9. Affect Positive Legislative Change 
  10. Bring Justice to Oklahoma Citizens 

OJS is proudly founded by lawyers and for lawyers.

Jacquelyn L. Ford – President 

Michael Haggerty – Vice President

John Hunsucker – Treasurer

Jack Dempsey Pointer – Secretary

Bruce Edge – Board Member